Agape Greetings!

I am your host Kareem, a woman of faith who is passionate about seeing the Word of God come alive in my own life and in the lives of the women I come in contact with. It is my pleasure to connect with you for our fortnightly conversations, to treat real life issues through the lens of faith.

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Whilst there are several channels through which women can engage in dialogue, many still long for the opportunity to go beyond the surface conversations and Christian jargon. There are still women who desire the opportunity to treat real life issues with transparency and truth. It is these women that we are called to serve and for whom Couch Conversations has been created.

Through our Couch Conversations podcast we create a safe space where life's hard truths can be examined, and difficult conversations can be navigated through the lens of faith. Fortnightly, real women of faith sit down to discuss real issues - heart to heart; providing practical, scripture-supported guidance for daily living.

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