Loving God vs Being In Love with Him

This week, we published our final Couch Conversations podcast for 2020. *Ms. Oghenovo (Tsola) Uwhuba* joined me to examine ‘the love of God’.

It is our hope that this episode will help reignite the faith of women, especially as we come to the end of a challenging 2020. We trust that the nuggets of truth shared will encourage women to move confidently into 2021, despite the world’s pronouncements of uncertainty.

We spent time discussing our response to God’s love, noting that there is a difference between loving God and being in love with Him.

About Our Guest

Ms. Oghenovo (Tsola) Uwhuba is a Beloved Daughter of Yahweh God and an avid believer in, and follower of, His Son Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ). She is a prolific writer of Christian content, authoring over 300 articles that expose God’s Father Heart of Stupendous Love for all and passionately urges others to receive, bask in, be directed by and radiate God’s Love from the place of an intimate relationship with God.

2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for today’s topic, I am really blessed, reminding me of the love of God and the need to fall in love with Him, especially as I am going into 2021. Thank you once again, God bless you abundantly in Jesus Mighty name amen. Shalom

  2. Thanks so much Sister Tsola for sharing about God’s immeasurable love on the podcast as I have been blessed by this topic about what it is like to be in love with God, especially during this difficult times, we need more than ever before to know and receive God’s unconditional love through Jesus Christ for each one of us, not when we are in Church but living out the truth of His love in our daily lives even though we face any trials, or tribulations. This topic has opened my eyes and heart for Jesus and trust this sharing will also bless many others too.

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