Single, Saved, Satisfied?

Most times, we focus on how the single woman is preparing herself for marriage. Most persons give little focus, if any, to what her male counterpart is doing to prepare. How deep are we really willing to go when speaking about about singleness in Christian circles? Can we be honest about what our hearts desire, the unspoken urges, and the internal and external pressure that comes with desiring a life partner? 

Our guest this week, Deji Fatiregun, candidly shares about the experience of navigating singleness as a Christian man. He also gives us insights into the male value system and approach to relationships that are not often disclosed. 

Deji is a single Christian man who is intentional about pursuing God’s heart and about fulfilling his Kingdom mandate and making an impact wherever he is present.

Couch Conversations Podcast episode 17 with host Kareem Lee

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