Prayer is not optional

Victorious women pray. Throughout the Bible, we see God moving powerfully in response to the prayers of women. The humility, fervency and consistency with which women approached God, through prayer, is recorded and celebrated in many parts of the Word.

Notwithstanding the clearly defined roles the Bible outlines for men to lead and serve as spiritual mediators, there is a clear emphasis on the intercessory anointing upon the woman to be a helpmeet, not only in matters of the physical, but also in the spirit realm.

The best time to pray is – always.

The place of prayer is a place of power. In the place of prayer, destinies are shaped, battles are won, visions are birthed, lives are transformed. It is in the place of prayer, in those intimate moments with God, that we are refreshed, strengthened, and rejuvenated. In the place of prayer, we see our lives from God’s perspective and discover what is important. Here, God illuminates our minds as He reveals truth to us. Here we understand Who it is we belong to and believe in; we hear His heart and are drawn into His will. It is in the place of prayer that God reveals secret things to us and equips us to live as women who are truly victorious.

Who is Pastor Dr Esther Rex Fubara-Manuel?

In her words:

“I am Pastor Dr Esther Rex Fubara-manuel, a privileged CHILD of God, a student of the Holy Ghost, WIFE of the general overseer of Revelation Ministries, a blessed MOTHER of three ministers of the gospel, Mission Director of Children of Promise Christian schools and Prayer Palace & Family Resort.

The Lord has helped me write a few books and Bible games. I am still a student of the Bible and candidate of heaven.”

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