What is Hummingbird Journeys all about?

Hummingbird Journeys provides biblically-based counselling services to women. Counselling and Emotional Support are sensitive topics, and those of us who provide such services must be genuine in our intent, and confidential and trustworthy in our approach. Our service model here at Hummingbird Journeys allows us to be accessible to those in need of counselling care and emotional support, wherever they are geographically located, with an assurance of professionalism, confidentiality and safe interaction.

Is Hummingbird Journeys the right choice for me?

Hummingbird Journeys may be right for you if are experiencing challenges in your personal life or you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, and are looking to improve yourself spiritually or emotionally.

Hummingbird Journeys is not the right option for you if:
- You are considering hurting yourself or others
- You are in immediate danger
- You are in a life or death crisis or emergency 
- You have been mandated by the court or any other state authority to undergo therapy
- You have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness, are currently undergoing or have been advised to undergo psychological or psychiatric supervision and care
- You are opposed to being counselled from a biblical perspective 
- You are against references to God, Jesus Christ, Faith, or The Bible 

How long does it take for someone to get back to me after I complete the initial contact form?

We will respond to you within 24 hours of any contact.

How are the counselling sessions conducted?

You may select either audio sessions or video sessions, based on your convenience and comfort. Access to the virtual meeting space is provided to you by Hummingbird Journeys and you will receive the access details once your counselling session has been booked and confirmed. 

There are limited face-to-face sessions available, depending on your location. This option will be advised to you based on the information provided in your initial contact form.

How many sessions will I need with my counsellor?

Each person’s situation is unique and is treated accordingly. Based on the information gathered during the initial assessment, a personalised plan will be agreed upon. This can be adjusted over time, depending on how things progress. Each individual session lasts 45mins.

If you have a question which was not addressed here, please contact us.

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