Couch Conversations: Episode 08

“And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” – 1 Corinthians 13:13

These words are the closing summary of the infamous love chapter and they highlight how important God considers love to be, so it makes sense that something so important comes with such great intensity.

Episode Overview

Whether it’s a romantic relationship such as a long term dating relationship or a marriage, or it’s a platonic relationship in the way of a friendship, a strong bond can be developed between two people as they interact with each other and share life and experiences over a period of time. This has a lot to do with the fact that, as humans, we were created for relationship.

When such relationships break, it can be devastating. Some have even described the pain of heartbreak as a feeling of being ripped apart. Pain and emotional distress are an inevitable experience after a broken relationship. How an individual chooses to respond is important to ensure that love is not replaced by bitterness and hatred, that rejection does not give way to a mindset of inferiority and that, most importantly, purpose is not aborted.

In this episode, Rev. Dr. Marisha Stewart discusses Healing from Heartbreak. Speaking specifically to women, Dr. Marisha shares from a real place, having lived through the experience of a broken marriage and divorce. This episode reminds us that purpose can be birthed out of pain and offers a candid exploration of how to heal after heartbreak and begin living again.

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Episode Highlights

(5:18)    Our experiences, even the difficult ones, aren’t just for us; they are also for the persons we are called to help after we heal. There is purpose that can be birthed from pain.

(10:30)   It is important to ask the difficult questions early. Whatever is beneath an individual’s mask will get exposed eventually.

(11:55)   While you are checking if someone is right for you, it I important to assess yourself also. Have you dealt with your own demons? Are you really ready for a relationship?

(14:20)   Women were created to love hard. This is one of the reasons why failed relationships impact women so deeply.

(15:00) It is necessary to separate who we are from what happened to us and not define ourselves by the experience.

(17:40)   What is the main reason women get stuck in despair after a broken relationship?

(18:15)   It is important to find yourself; this is an essential part of the healing journey.

(25:30)   Overcoming emotional trauma requires the renewing of the mind. This is a daily process which involves actively watering the mind with the truth of the Word of God and using the Word to battle those false narratives which plague the mind.

(28:20)   “I know I am healed when I am residue free. This only happens when you give everything over to God.”

(49:40)   We have to fight the good fight of faith…literally. We have to take our healing by force. We have to be aggressive about it.

(51:55)   She recognises that her destiny is at stake and becomes violent in the spirit to ensure that she finds her place and begins to move forward victoriously.

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