Couch Conversations – Episode 21

Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Overcoming Anxiety and Depression; why it’s necessary to intentionally own your healing process.

About Our Guest – Bianca Shante

Bianca is a phenomenal woman with a huge heart for helping others. She is a motivational speaker, author, business owner, travel agent, social worker, Air Force veteran and wife.

Bianca obtained her Associate of Arts (2012), Bachelor of Social Work (2015), where she graduated with honors and as a member of Phi Alpha, her Master of Business Administration- Healthcare Management (2020), and a Ph.D. in living her best life!

She is an avid traveler who calls herself a xenophile and can always be found loving on or helping children, whether it’s at an orphanage somewhere around the world or home with a collection of kids, somewhere with animals such as swimming with the dolphins or on one of the world’s beaches’! Bianca has proven that her purpose and passion for helping people worldwide through empowerment, mission work, mentoring, and leadership are needed, and God sent her on assignment to deliver.

Today she speaks to us from a place of experience, reminding us we are required to intentionally own our healing journey when it comes to matters of mental and emotional health. 

Follow Bianca on all social platforms @allthingspositive and also be sure to support her new book. More details here:

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Couch Conversations Podcast by Hummingbird Journeys _ Episode #21

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