Our Services

In a fast-paced world where time and trust can be scarce, we understand the importance of having a sanctuary. At Hummingbird Journeys, we’re on a mission to provide women around the globe with such a sanctuary through accessible, online biblical lay counselling and emotional support.

Life’s challenges may sometimes keep you indoors or away from local resources, but even then, you can access what you need.

Through our online availability, we ensure that our compassionate support is just a click away, available whenever and wherever you need us.

We firmly believe that the Bible holds the key to truth and empowerment, enabling us to lead victorious lives that honour Christ and bring glory to His name.

Our lay counsellors will tailor your session to your schedule, making it convenient for you to receive the biblically-based counselling and emotional support you seek.

How Does This Work?

As a prospective client, you will be required to fill out an inquiry form to provide us with some general information. This information will be used to help us prepare for an initial assessment call with you. Within 24 hours of providing this information, you will receive a link which you may use to book a free 45 minute discovery call. Kindly note that this call does not mean that you have committed to counselling sessions with us. You will be given access to a virtual counselling room for this session, at no cost to you. This highlighted section above should be linked to the discovery call questionnaire.

Following this call, you may decide whether we meet your needs, and if you wish to continue a full counselling programme with us. Should you decide to continue with our services, a detailed counselling plan will be developed following the assessment call and your counselling schedule will be agreed upon based on this.

From your first interaction with us, be it in person or via our digital platforms, be assured that we adhere to strict principles of confidentiality. We have put measures in place to protect your privacy and to ensure that the information you share with us is not compromised.

More About This Service

We offer biblically-based, lay counselling services and emotional support to women around the globe. Connecting with women virtually to ensure that we are accessible to those who need us, when and where they need us. 

At Hummingbird Journeys we dig deep into God’s Word with you, to help you overcome your struggles, heal from your hurts, find meaning and joy in life, and become spiritually and emotionally whole.

When it’s hard to leave the house, when there aren’t enough hours in the day, or when it’s impossible to find local counsellors that you can trust, we’re here. We all have seasons of depression and sadness, but this may become magnified if you’re struggling through a traumatic experience or life event such as the death of a loved one, divorce, unemployment, etc. We are here to provide a Biblical perspective and help you through such experiences.

At Hummingbird Journeys we believe the Bible is the single source of all truth, which empowers us to live victoriously in Christ and glorify Him in all we do. As an online service provider, we work with your schedule so that you can get the Christian counselling and emotional support you need when you need it.

Scripture admonishes us to encourage one another and build each other up (1 Thessalonians 5:11) and to carry each other’s burdens (Galatians 6:2). Whatever the season of challenge, we are equipped and ready to take the journey with you towards healing and wholeness.

*It’s important to remind you that Hummingbird Journeys only offers biblically-based, lay counselling and emotional support. 

Our services may be right for you if:

– are experiencing challenges in your personal life
– are feeling emotionally overwhelmed
– are looking to improve yourself spiritually or emotionally

If you agree to proceed, you also agree to:
– be supported and guided from a biblical perspective 
– receive references to God, Jesus Christ, Faith, and The Bible

Our services are not right for you if:


– are considering hurting yourself or others 
– are in immediate danger
– are in a life-or-death crisis or emergency 
– have been mandated by the court or any other state authority to undergo therapy
– have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness
– are currently undergoing or have been advised to undergo psychological or psychiatric supervision and care
(if any of these are true, please contact your local authorities immediately)

Hummingbird Journeys is also not the right option for you if you:
– are opposed to being supported and guided from a biblical perspective 
– are against references to God, Jesus Christ, Faith, or The Bible