Speak It & See It

Recognising your Authority

A woman of authority understands who she is In Christ. She is fully aware of the right she has been given to legislate her affairs and to call to order the things which affect her and her household. Her confessions shift atmospheres and call the desires of her heart into being.

About Our Guest – Mrs. Crystal Bumhira

Our featured guest on this episode of Couch Conversations is Mrs Crystal Bumhira. Using her own personal experiences as a reference point, Crystal shares how a woman’s tongue is powerful and how her confessions are used to shape her life.

About Couch Conversations

Thank you for joining us for this episode of Couch Conversations by Hummingbird Journeys. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to share our hearts and journeys with you. We trust that, by God’s grace, you will break free of anything that may be attempting to keep you in bondage. We pray that you will find your liberty in Christ.

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