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December 1, 2019

Why Hummingbird Journeys?

Called Back to Purpose

I sat through the Facebook call listening as the young lady on the other side of the call poured out her heart. Prior to this, she had reached out to me intermittently with a few written messages via Facebook messenger. I had been providing her with written responses over time, until she felt comfortable enough to request a Facebook call.  

On the call, my heart hurt as she described what she was going through. Her pain was raw and real. And, after trying to keep it together for so long…because that’s just what strong women do…especially the Christian ones…(at least that’s  we have been socialised to believe)…she was now at her breaking point. Her deep breaths, hesitant pauses, and periods of silence during the conversation, told so much more than her words alone could. 

I found myself mouthing some of her words before she even spoke them, completing some of her sentences in my mind before she verbalised them. Because I had been where she was, and on that call…for brief moments at a time I returned to that place of pain and connected with her on that level. I understood her story. I had lived the experience she was describing. 

On Purpose

As time progressed, and our conversations continued, she spoke of how hard it had been until that point, to find someone she could confide in; someone who genuinely cared about what she was going through and didn’t just want to hear her story so that they could use it to gossip. Someone who wasn’t keen on taking sides or rushing to judgement. Although we hadn’t been in the same country for years, she somehow felt to reach out to me, and so here we were, nations apart but connecting for emotional support and for her to have someone walking with her through this difficult season. We had one clear objective, to  help her find renewed strength and hope in the promises God had already given her in His Word.

In the weeks following our initial conversation, I found myself earnestly praying for my sister-in-Christ. She would come to my thoughts and I would get an impression of what she was feeling and how to pray for her. The intensity of my prayers had less to do with it just being a generic Christian responsibility to pray, and more to do with it being a specific individual responsibility to pray and intercede for this sister. Beyond that, there was a burden to ensure that she did not have to endure the aloneness and isolation I once felt. 

Why Hummingbird Journeys?…It’s Personal

In my own life, I’ve faced tragedy on different levels; being misunderstood, emotional distress, financial hardship, physical abandonment, betrayal, heartbreak. During these times, one of the most difficult parts of the journey was not having a circle of support to count on. The most devastating of these experiences came while I was a Christian, actively serving in my local church (also involved in lay counselling during this time, imagine that!). This experience broke me. And, at my weakest point in life, when I was most in need of emotional and spiritual care, I felt alone and abandoned, even by the church. 

As part of my healing journey, God removed me from my familiar environment and repositioned me in a place where He could have my full attention. As He healed me emotionally, mended my brokenness, and restored my faith, He began to unveil the relevance of my season of difficulty and how there was purpose that needed to be birthed out of that pain. 

With the right destiny helpers and divinely appointed opportunities, I was reintroduced to serving God’s kingdom and ministering to His people. These ministry opportunities in particular, allowed me to hear the hearts of women from different nations and backgrounds, and to recognise that so many women are desperately seeking a safe place where they can take the masks off, be transparent about their situations, heal emotionally, be restored, and truly begin to live purposeful, victorious lives in God. 

Our Heart

This is the heart of Hummingbird Journeys and this is the reason why we exist, to make confidential Christian Counselling Services and Emotional Support accessible to women who need it, wherever they are in the world and at whatever stage they are in their healing journey. 


Connect With Us

If you would like to reach out to us for counselling and emotional support (ie. feeling overwhelmed…need someone to talk to), you may do so here. If you have general questions about Hummingbird Journeys, do not hesitate to contact us. If you just want to know more about what we do here at Hummingbird Journeys, you may have a look at our FAQs.


Kareem Lee |Founder |Hummingbird Journeys

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Connect With Us

If you would like to reach out to us for counselling and emotional support (ie. feeling overwhelmed…need someone to talk to), you may do so here. To ask general questions about Hummingbird Journeys, do not hesitate to contact us. For more information about what we do here at Hummingbird Journeys, you may have a look at our FAQs.

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