Couch Conversations – Episode 28

Who really determines what is truth?

“My Truth” , “Your Truth” popular terminology that encourages that we embrace, accept, live, according to our own persuasion. As popular as this teaching is, however, it’s major flaw lies in the fact that our persuasions are fueled by our experiences, individual preferences, emotions, and circumstance. None of these are final authorities, neither are they solely/ consistently reflective of God.

When pursuing “Our Truth” where do we place God? and what do we do when “God’s Truth” directly opposes ours?

This week, Pastor Mrs. Valerie Charles Chike Nezianya gives us a reality check about truth, and submitting our truth to the authority of God.

About Our Guest – Pastor Valerie Nezianya

Pastor (Mrs.) Valerie Charles Chike Nezianya is our podcast guest this week, speaking to us about what it means for a woman to Intentionally Pursue Purpose.

 Pastor Valerie is recklessly and wholeheartedly in love with Jesus! And has been called to nations and separated for an end-time purpose. She is passionate about proclaiming the good news of the Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, and about her ministry to women and families. Currently, she co-pastors the Cornerstone African House of Praise in Singapore with her beloved husband, Charles. She is an author, a banker, and a highly blessed mother of two double-portion children, Zachary and Juanita.

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Couch Conversations Podcast by Hummingbird Journeys _ Episode #28

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